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Why Won’t My Pool Hold Chlorine?

PoolMaintA lot of times during the summer you may test your water and realize that there is no chlorine reading even though you had just added shock yesterday. Maybe you even have chlorine tablets floating in your pool right now. The easiest way to definitely find out what’s happening in your water is to take a sample to your local pool store and have them test it.

Below are a few tests you may want to ask them to run on your water to see why you’re not holding chlorine:

  • Phosphates – We will talk about what Phosphates are in a later blog post.
  • Metals – Which can include Iron and Copper. These can be two separate tests that your local pool store may need to run, but it’s important to be aware of them. In addition to making it difficult to balance your chemicals, they can also discolor your pool water.

If you’re having problems with keeping a chlorine reading in your pool, please give Hometown Pool Supply a call at 732-607-1700.