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Salt Water Pool Chlorine Generators

Salt water pools are becoming increasingly popular for New Jersey homeowners. Due to the saltwater generators’ ability to naturally manufacture chlorine through electrolysis, there is no need to store or add harsh chemicals to your pool water.

Additionally, Middlesex, Monmouth, Ocean, & Mercer County residents describe the water as feeling “softer” than traditional pools filled with high levels of chlorine. Saltwater chlorine generators are a simple way to make pool maintenance easier and more economical, resulting in fewer trips to the pool supply store!

Plus, New Jersey pool owners report that their pool water is more pleasant. Salt generators are easy to install onto your existing in-ground pool filter system and provide protection against bacteria in your pool.

Hometown Pools proudly installs Aqua Rite Salt Water Pool Chlorine Generators and Hayward salt generation products for New Jersey pool systems. These are the largest selling salt generation systems in the world. The systems produce pure chlorine automatically while the pool is being filtered and distributed evenly through the pool’s return jets.

The Benefits of Salt Water for Your New Jersey Pool Water

The most immediate benefit of a salt generation system is the lack of harsh chemicals in your pool. While chlorine is still present in saltwater pools, it is often less harsh and is regulated by an Aqua Rite Salt Water Pool Chlorine Generator. Essentially, this piece electrically charges the salt in the water, the compound sodium chloride (NaCl) to split, which then forms chloride. The salt generator will have a control board that will help pool owners monitor and regulate the amount of chlorine that needs to be released into the water.

The result is a much silkier texture to the pool water, as there is not nearly as much chlorine in the pool at any given time. This result means less chlorine smell, no green hair, and none of that itching or burning sensations from the presence of an abundance of chlorine.

One of the largest benefits of the self-regulating nature of a saltwater pool is the dilution of bacteria. For example, when it rains often, it can be difficult to keep algae from growing on the floor or walls of the pool. A saltwater chlorine generator will automatically regulate this process, which cuts down the need to scrub the pool surfaces.

How a Salt Generator Works

Most New Jersey homeowners think that salt pools do not contain chlorine. This couldn’t be further from the truth. As its name may suggest, a salt-chlorine generator sanitizes swimming pool water by creating chlorine from ordinary table salt. Since you cannot avoid using chlorine, a salt-chlorine generator is a great way to provide it. A salt pool sanitizes the water with chlorine just like other pools. The difference between them is in how chlorine is added to the pool.

The main benefit a salt-chlorine generator offers is its ability to recycle salt. During the process of electrolysis, as used in a salt-chlorine generator to produce chlorine, the chlorine breaks down further into hypochlorous acid and hypochlorite ions, which are sanitizers. After the hypochlorous acid and hypochlorite ions neutralize the contaminants in swimming pool water, they revert to salt, again, only to be broken down into chlorine for another cycle.

Pool Salt System Repair in New Jersey

While maintaining New Jersey pools with salt generators is easier, there may come times when you need to make repairs. While salt generators constantly recycle salt, salt cells do have a limited life. Therefore, the salt will need to be removed and replaced. The technicians at Hometown Pools can repair or replace your salt cells quickly and efficiently.

Be aware of humming, vibrating, or other unusual noises coming from your pump. These are indications that something with your saltwater chlorine generation system is not working properly. If these sounds are occurring time and your pool pump sounds different than normal, call Hometown Pools for a speedy and efficient repair.

Schedule Your Salt Generator Installation Today!

Hometown Pools is the leading salt generator installer in New Jersey. We are licensed and insured professionals with 30+ years of experience in servicing, repairing, and maintaining salt generators in Middlesex, Monmouth, Ocean, & Mercer County.

We provide a thorough installation service that is competitive in price while using top brands like Hayward. Please call us in Old BridgeJackson or Toms River or contact us today to learn about our saltwater generator installation services!

Same as standard Aqua-Rite but with chemistry automation option!

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