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Pool Openings and Pool Closings

Swimming Pool Closings NJ

.Since swimming pools are not normally used year-round in New Jersey, there regular procedures must be followed at the beginning and end of the pool season. We are happy to schedule the opening and closing of your pool.

While many of the steps taken may look easy, it is a time consuming process that should be done by someone familiar with your pool and pools in general. Problems usually can be avoided if noticed early enough.

Many times, problems that occur during the middle of the pools season can be avoided by properly opening or closing a pool. When these problems go undetected, it can cost the owner hundreds of dollars to fix.

Our inspection process when opening and closing a pool is a critical step in our service. This inspection gives you the peace of mind for a great summer and avoids downtime due to pool systems malfunctioning.

We are always here for you, and once we open your pool, we keep records of what we observed, so that we will be up to speed and familiar with your entire pool system, should you need us.

Contact us today so we can make your summer stress-free!

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  • Removal of cover
  • Broom off cover
  • Fold cover & bags
  • Removal of all winter plugs
  • Reassemble filtration system
  • Add our chemicals if purchased separately*
  • Inspect filtration system and pool for any damage
  • Start pool and fire heater
  • Install ladders and diving board


  • Removal of ladders and handrails
  • Dropping water level
  • Add our chemicals if purchased separately*
  • Blow out all lines
  • Install winter cover
  • Winterize pump and filtration system
  • Winterize heater
  • Fill water bags
  • Installation of all winter plugs

*We do not add your chemicals.