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Looploc Safety Covers

Loop Loc Replacement Covers NJ

Keep your pool crystal blue all year long, even through the winter. Loop-Loc safety covers are held taut over the pool, allowing rainwater to pass through while debris blows off. The best-built, best-known, best-loved safety pool cover in the world. Tight, tough, dry, and beautiful. Loop-Loc’s dense mesh lets rainwater drain right through. Since the cover stays dry, dirt, leaves, and debris just blow away. And no matter the size or shape of your pool, Loop-Loc’s auto-cad technology ensures a perfect fit every time. Loop-Loc mesh safety pool covers are the best way to prevent accidents and injuries when your pool is unsupervised. Since water drains right through, there is no dangerous, messy swamp on top of your pool cover. It’s also super strong and anchors right into the pool deck so there’s no way kids or pets can get access to the pool.

Loop-Loc also makes the ultimate quality solid pool cover, Ultra Loc! All the benefits of a solid cover including blocking 100% of sunlight and it gives you the lightweight, durability, ease of use and safety of a Loop-Loc mesh safety cover. It’s like the best of both worlds! No other company in the world builds pool covers like Loop Loc does. Every cover is over built with double perimeter webbing, double thick straps, and 302 grade stainless steal springs for incredible strength.

Loop-Loc is known for a variety of ultimate quality products from solid safety covers to removable fencing to elegant pool liners. Special offers are available! The big bonus is just how safe and durable our pool covers are.

Please view the video to see just how strong we really are!

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