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Can I Close My Pool Green?

poolclosingsIf your pool has been green all season you’re probably super excited to close it. While it seems like the easiest option – it’s not! It’s much smarter to close your pool as clean as possible.

  • Algae can grow in water as cold as 50 degrees.
  • A dirty pool is more likely to create a stain on a vinyl liner, and create more problems when opening
  • You are guaranteed to open your pool green, and it will require a lot more attention than had you closed it clean.

If you are going to close your pool green below are a few tips to help you when you go to open in in the spring

  1. Pour some liquid shock underneath the cover about a month leading up to opening the pool.
  2. Plan to open the pool a month before you normally would. Don’t expect to open the pool mid-May and have it clean and ready by Memorial Day! It’s possible, but not definite!

Yes you can close your pool green, but it’s hugely beneficial not to! If you have any further questions contact us at 732-607-1700